An Introduction of the Gothic Proportions

Hello, my badass bat-butts! You can call me Lynn. I live smack-dab in the middle of a New England state, and it’s pretty neat. I plan on going “Full-Time” goth when I go shopping for college. I’m a Creative Writing major and I’m a junior. 

I must admit, I love the gothic scene. I love the variety of music it offers… well, the variety in general. If I had to classify myself, it would be in the realm of a hippie-goth. (I love crystals and want dreads, so that makes sense.) I also would love to become vegan, and that makes sense along with the hippie-goth thing. 

So, I’m happy. Really happy. My friend persuaded me to dress in a Gothic fashion, so I suppose I’ll start today. Anyways, I shall talk to you guys later, as I must get ready for work soon. 


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